Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Green Hills and Esterel

Green Hills Software and Esterel Technologies are announcing a partnership that will lead to a highly integrated package of products for DO-178B Level A and IEC 61508 SIL 3 applications.

The partnership appears to be modeled on an earlier Green Hills agreement with I-Logix. Indeed I-Logix and Esterel also share are partnership and integrations.

While it is difficult to tell at this point if the partnership is as deep as the I-Logix arrangement. If it is, this could be major step forward for Green Hills in the battle for the military/aerospace market. Green Hills appears to have seen the value in modeling and also in the Esterel certified code generator (KCG). The SCADE KCG produces code that is correct by construction. KCG produced code can avoid the MCDC testing required in DO-178B certification.

This agreement is indicative of Green Hills’ current partnering strategy. Find companies on similar fast growth trajectories that have similar cultures and goals, are market technical leaders and are willing to forge deep connections between products and perhaps organizations.

Other news from Embedded World:

Quadros Systems has ported their convergent RTOS technology to the Freescale ColdFire MCF532x and MCF537x processors. Because Quadros RTXC dual-mode RTOS offers optimized dataflow and control capabilities, it is able to maximize the DSP, RISC and I/O capabilities of these new platforms.

Aonix is announcing SWT graphics extensions for its PERC virtual machine. SWT, a Java-based graphics library and widget toolkit developed as part of the Eclipse platform, is designed to be as close to the native platform as possible, making it ideal for embedded applications. This integration makes Aonix PERC VM increasingly suitable for applications such as avionics, communications, industrial automation, office automation, power plants, transportation, mil/aero, and fleet telematics.

Express Logic, Inc. today announced that Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS now supports the ARM CortexTM-M3 microprocessor. Also, Express Logic and Interpeak announced that the companies have integrated Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS and Interpeak’s TCP/IP stacks.

QNX Software Systems announced a new operating system extension that allows developers to build hardened, secure compartments around their software applications while providing the flexibility to maximize CPU resources.