Monday, September 17, 2007

VDC Launches a New Proposal - “The Embedded Software Developer: Project Requirements, Preferences, and Trends

Venture Development Corporation (VDC) has recently released a new proposal titled “The Embedded Software Developer: Project Requirements, Preferences, and Trends.” These statistics-driven data books are based on detailed Web survey responses from almost 800 embedded developers worldwide. This survey provides insight into specific embedded developer communities’ that will offer readers the most detail understanding about the dynamics of the embedded market available in any syndicated market intelligence program available.

We expect our research will address questions you might have, including:

  • Where can I get a more detailed understanding of the differences between development teams based on their current development project target OS type (i.e. commercial, open source, in-house developed, no formal)? How can I target development teams to capture new business opportunities?
  • Should I expand to new geographical regions or vertical markets? What are the software requirements, team size, and related spending plans by region? By vertical market?
  • What do development teams that use specific types of software development tools (i.e., IDEs, software modeling, requirements management, source/change management, etc.) look like? What type of business relationship might I look to establish within the greater ecosystem?
  • What types of architectures/processors are being used in current development projects? How well do my products and strategies line up with current and future project processor types? Where should I look to expand my support?

In an effort to offer greater flexibility and choice, VDC has packaged these reports in a way that leverages our extensive knowledge of the embedded developer community. The data books are defined, organized and packaged by specific developer communities of interest and market segments. Attached please find the proposal which details packaging, content and pricing.

Please feel free to contact either Matt Volckmann (508.653.9000 x143) or Stephen Balacco (508.653.9000 x124) to address any questions or interests you might have regarding the “The Embedded Software Developer: Project Requirements, Preferences, and Trends” proposal.