Wednesday, August 26, 2009

VDC Embedded Linux Webinar

Linux in the Embedded Systems Market:
Project Requirements, Preferences, Trends & More

Although originally developed for general-purpose use on desktops and servers, the use of Linux within embedded devices continues to increase. The licensing cost advantages associated with Linux, the flexibility provided through access to source code, and general familiarity with its use provide a compelling value proposition to embedded system manufacturers.

VDC conducts an annual embedded engineering survey that covers embedded software, hardware, tools, and development practices. Focused on the embedded developer community, the survey offers insights into current development projects – requirements, preferences and trends.

Based on real data, this Tech Choice Webinar explores:

  • What are the factors for designing in Linux?

  • What types of industries and applications is Linux targeted for?

  • What’s the migration path in the use of Linux?

  • Which Linux distributions are being used?

Register for this FREE webinar if:

  • You or your company, or teams are using Linux or contemplating the use of Linux in an embedded development project or just curious about Linux.

  • Your company is a software/hardware solution provider participating in the embedded market and interested in understanding how Linux is being used to engineer embedded devices/systems.

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