Monday, December 19, 2005

Aonix ObjectAda Now Available for VxWorks/PowerPC

Aonix ObjectAda for Windows now supports Wind River’s Tornado 2.x and VxWorks 5.x environments.

Looks like a strong indication that there is a substantial installed base of Wind River legacy product in the Mil/Aero market. VDC believes that customers in the Mil/Aero market are moving to the 6.0 release, but it looks like a number of OEMs are sticking with the older platform. Witness the strength in Q3 FY06 in WIND's Aerospace and Defense business. The legacy product could be on long-term contracts/projects.

VxWorks 6.0 support is expected in early 2006.

The main points are summarized below:

  • ObjectAda for Windows 8.2 includes the comprehensive Ada libraries needed for calling Windows Win32 and the Visual C++ .NE 2003 MFC interfaces from application source code written in Ada.
  • ObjectAda 8.2 Windows cross PowerPC/VxWorks is available under the CorePack packaging that includes an Ada 95 compiler, Ada 95 optimizer, partial annex C support, partial annex D support, syntactic editor, graphical and command line interfaces, library configuration tool, program builder, source browsing engine, source registration tool, source un-registration tool, source code reference tool, symbolic debugger, and graphical installer.
  • ObjectAda Windows cross PowerPC/VxWorks starts at $15,000
  • Available immediately for Windows 2000 and XP host platforms