Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wind River Regional Developer Conference

VDC attended the Wind River Regional Developer Conference in Westford, MA this morning. The conference was well attended with about 150 developers packing the presentation room. John Fanelli, VP of Product Planning and Management at Wind River was the primary host of this stop. Next to the presentation room was a partner pavilion or in Wind parlance "Smart Bar" with many key WIND partners including I-Logix, Express Logic, Encirq, IBM, Coverity, Skelmir, Virtutech and many others.

The demos during the presentations were very strong and well executed. The best one VDC saw was on Workbench Diagnostics a tool that permits dynamic root cause analysis of software bugs. If you can catch a WR RDC near you this demo should not be missed. You need to see it to get the full impact. The next RDC is in Chicago tomorrow.

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