Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Embedded Linux Market Highlights

VDC recently published its annual report on embedded Linux. Here are some of the report highlights.

Driving the market for commercial Linux-based software solutions are the following factors:

– Developer demand for open source software and source code access/control

– Continued demand for run-time royalty-free software

– Drive to build devices with advanced network connectivity, sophisticated user interfaces, and enhanced functionality

– Availability of Linux device drivers, communication protocol stacks, and other technologies from the greater Linux ecosystem

– Entry of Wind River Systems into the Linux market

– Growing number of commercial embedded vendors offering solutions that support Linux-based development

– Increasing availability of development tools targeted at Linux platforms

– Semiconductor and hardware supplier’s continued support for high-quality open source solutions that can be bundled with products and decrease customers’ overall software spend

– Growing population of experienced Linux programmers

– Strong growth of key embedded device markets including consumer electronics and telecom/datacom

– Increased use of Linux in automotive, military/aerospace, industrial, medical, retail, and office automation applications