Thursday, January 26, 2006

Arrow, LynuxWorks, RTI, Motorola, Intel and Dot21 Partner on OA

This announcement came out yesterday from Arrow. Almost missed it.

Arrow Electronics Partners with Technology Suppliers to Deliver Open Architecture Solution to U.S. Armed Services

ENGLEWOOD, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)----Arrow OEM Computing Solutions, the division of the North American Components (NAC) group of Arrow Electronics, Inc. ( ARW) that provides design engineering, manufacturing, system integration, supply chain management and post-manufacturing services to industrial OEMs and intellectual property-based companies, today announced it has partnered with Dot21, Intel, LynuxWorks, Motorola and RTI to deliver a new open architecture solution to the U.S. Armed Services.

The bundled hardware and software solution, called "OA Out of the Box," will offer the military and other government agencies a standard platform for developing open architecture-based solutions. This platform can serve as the foundation for any type of OA application and will enable designers to speed time to market and prevent them from having to conduct a complete re-design each time they begin a new development.

To create the solution, Intel and Motorola are contributing COTS-based (commercial off the shelf) open hardware components, such as computer blades, in a multitude of physical and mechanical configurations; RTI is providing the readily accepted middleware that enables different technologies to communicate; LynuxWorks is providing a POSIX-based open operating system; and Dot 21 is conducting performance testing. By relying on open architecture in systems such as the Navy's Ship Self Defense System and the Army's Future Combat Systems, the military is able to reduce costs, quickly deploy new solutions and facilitate the rapid exchange of information between soldiers, weapons, sensors and command platforms.

"As a distributor and integration partner, Arrow is in a unique position to bring together the offerings of its top suppliers to create comprehensive solutions such as 'OA Out of the Box,'" said Steve Ramsland, vice president and general manager, Arrow OEM Computing Solutions. "What's more, Arrow is bringing its logistics and integration expertise to the 'OA Out of the Box' solution, inventorying and ensuring the quality of each component and protecting against obsolescence by managing the supply chain."