Monday, January 16, 2006

Express Logic Signs Datang Mobile to License

This release came through the email box last week.

RTOS supplier Express Logic has signed Datang Mobile to a license for ThreadX. VDC believes that this is a Datang phone or reference design. In addition, the companies are also negotiating for Datang to bundle and distribute ThreadX with a mobile phone SoC. ThreadX will support the RF capabilities of the phone/chip.

While this is not Express Logic's first handset deal, it may be its most important. Datang has the potential to be a prime mover behind TD-SCDMA (Time Division - Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access), the Chinese developed 3G protocol, and having ThreadX bundled in could be an important win for the San Diego-based Express Logic.

RTOS support for RF communications on handsets has largely been based on in-house OSs with commercial vendors like, Mentor Graphic/ATI and ENEA also capturing a large part of the market.
ThreadX was probably appealing to Datang for its small footprint, reliability and royalty-free business model. For SoC vendors, not adding on high prices for bundled software or eating a portion of the software bill of material themselves makes their products more competitive and enhances the bottom line.