Monday, January 23, 2006

RTI Offers Small Footprint NDDS Middleware

Although most of the success for the Data Distribution Service (DDS) middleware standard and RTI's NDDS product have been in the military/aerospace market it seems they are finding acceptance in a number of other markets as well, including industrial automation. The company has a number of customers in the IA market including:

Schneider Electric
Schilling Robotics
Max Planck Institute

RTI was previously famous for its scope tools line which it sold to Wind River in order to focus on its NDDS middleware product.

From the release:

In an iterative and collaborative development effort with an industrial automation giant, the networkingexperts at Real-Time Innovations (RTI) have created a modified version ofRTI's NDDS real-time publish-subscribe communication middleware that can be used in low-cost, memory-constrained applications.

This new implementationof NDDS, which requires less than 100 kilobytes of memory, is currently deployed in a line of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Because the standard version of NDDS can be used in high-end PLCs, developers can now deploy a common communication scheme across industrialcontrol networks that contains a full range of PLC cost and functionalityoptions

Standard RTI NDDS Developer Package is immediately available starting at$46,920 USD for a three-user perpetual license. Packages include NDDSmiddleware, NDDS tools and one year of support.