Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mapusoft OS Support

We get updates from Mapusoft on their products which automate the porting of application software to alternative OSs. Here are the current OSs supported. This might indicate demand for porting from various OSs and demand for porting to various OSs. Perhaps we are reading to much into the product support lists. But here they are:

Currently, OS Changer solutions are available for:

Porting from pSOS and VxWorks to: Nucleus PLUS, Precise/MQX, ThreadX, Linux, LynxOS, Solaris, eCOS, uITRON, Windows CE, and Windows Embedded XP.

Porting from Nucleus to: Linux, LynxOS, eCOS, Windows CE, Windows Embedded XP.

We also offer OS Changer solutions to port POSIX code to various target operating systems. Please contact us to find out supported POSIX APIs and target operating systems.