Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Products from GHS and MG/ATI

Two new products announced today:

Green Hills Software, Inc., today announced the immediate availability of a complete port of its INTEGRITY real-time operating system to the BAE Systems’ RAD750 radiation hardened PowerPC Processor and CompactPCI single board computer.
The RAD750 is a licensed radiation hardened version of the IBM PowerPC 750 and is the follow-on to BAE System’s RAD6000 family. The RAD750 architecture supports 260 MIPS operating at 132 MHz.

Accelerated Technology, a MentorGraphics division, today announced the availability of the Nucleus Cipher Accelerator software, a plug-in to the Nucleus Cipher Suite that adds support for hardware encryption acceleration. The software allows designers to boost the performance of their security applications, resulting in increased data throughput and lower processor utilization. The Nucleus Cipher Accelerator initially supports the Freescale Semiconductor ColdFire MCF5235, MCF5271, MCF5275, MCF547x, MCF548x and PowerPC MPC8272 processors.