Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Microsoft is Touting Real Time Capabilities of CE

We don't know if you have seen the add that Microsoft is running in recent issues of EE Times and perhaps other places, but it is worth a look. It features an R&D manager from Chaveriat Robotique and one of their robotic arms that runs CE. The quote from the R&D manager is "We chose Windows CE because it offers real-time and graphics at the right price."

In addition there is an article we saw yesterday on on real time and CE 4.2.

Also, a November 2005 article entitled "Windows CE 5.0 for real-time systems" appearing in Embedded Computing Design. The author was Mike Hall one of Microsoft's technical point people for Windows Embedded.

Interestingly, a quick google search on Win CE unrelated to this article produced a Microsoft ad on the side. The first keyword in the ad was "RTOS"

This might be trend to keep an eye on. It seems like the most activity directed at touting Windows CE real-time capabilities since the 3.0 release when the company was using supporting materials from Siemens.

Windows CE is in a wide variety of devices. Probably a more varied collection than most industry observers would give them credit for supporting. Many don't have the Windows logo, some are headless and some would even be the types of devices that traditional RTOS players would like to be in. Microsoft will be in increasing competition with the traditional OS players in key markets like automotive, consumer devices and industrial automation.